How to Become a House Call Dentist

An all inclusive, comprehensive guide to starting your own travelling dental practice to service geriatric patients

This is your ultimate guide to starting your own travelling geriatric dental practice.

After nearly 35 years learning the hard way, Dr. Kauffman reveals her proprietary process in this comprehensive guide to becoming a house Call dentist.

Is Geriatric House Call Dentistry right for you? Reading this manual is the first step in helping you decide whether you want to create a geriatric house Call dentistry practice of your own.



A detailed list of niche materials you'll need to start your practice.


How to obtain referrals, and how to effectively market your dental services.

Best Practices

How to deal with high blood pressure, obtaining medical records, billing, and emergencies


You'll have access to intake forms, release forms, onboarding new patients and billing procedures.

How to Become a Housecall Dentist Synopsis as told by Dr. Kauffman

The oral care needs of geriatric patients are much different than those of younger and even middle-aged patients, and often present more challenges to dentists. However, this population is often overlooked and underserved. With the geriatric population continuing to grow worldwide, serving this geriatric community is an incredible opportunity for dentists who want to make a difference in a niche area. 

Dr. Alisa Kauffman has been a trailblazer, practicing geriatric dentistry for nearly 35 years. Voted as a top female dentist in the United States, she is widely known for her lectures and her mentoring program while working at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) for 10 years. 

In New York City, Dr. Kauffman makes house calls to the homebound, elderly and frail. She has advanced training in geriatrics, hospice care and all forms of dementia and Parkinson’s Diseases. Her goal is to triage a situation to insure that they are not experiencing any pain stemming from their teeth or ill fitting dentures and to insure that a patient is receiving proper nutrition for their overall health.

Dr. Kauffman has developed methods to treat patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, and she has revolutionized the field of home health care dentistry with her geriatric dental consulting practice. At this point in her career, she feels it is time to share her expertise with those who want to provide quality oral care to the geriatric population. She is expanding her Geriatric House Call Dentistry business into a network of dentists devoted to addressing the needs of geriatric homebound patients and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Eventually, she plans to make this program worldwide. 

Recent graduates who want to start their own business, dentists looking for an additional income stream, and dentists who are near retirement, but still want to work a few days per week should consider this area of practice. Dr. Kauffman can guide you, teach you and be there for you when you need her advice. 

Alisa Kauffman teaches caregivers how to become a housecall dentist for the elderly community
dementia brush teeth

Why become a housecall dentist in this particular niche?

As niche as housecall dentistry may be, geriatric dentistry is almost completely underserved due to the technical nature of the services. The need for these types of services is grossly underaccounted for which leaves a large market share open to those who choose to pursue a venture in the feild . You will not only have an opportunity to make a world of difference, but make a comfortable living doing so. There are few jobs that are as spiritually and monetarily rewarding as this.

Why purchase this book?

Dr. Kauffman’s strategy and system has been refined over her 35 years of service.  The book is a documentation of the proprietary systems and methodologies which have accumulated over the past 3 decades.

Learn from the Dentist who’s been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post and ABC – Twice.

No other guide offers this level of detail and instruction in the unique niche of geriatric dentistry. The book contains over 100 pages of information complete with everything you’ll need to know in order to start your own on-site dental practice.

Dr. Kauffman of Geriatric Housecall Dentistry owns the exclusive rights to this publication which is not available in book stores or anywhere online. 

Fill out the request below to inquire about purchasing this guide and Alisa will personally follow up with you to make sure you’re a good candidate for the book.

Pricing: This is more than a book, it’s a comprehensive and proprietary system needed to start your own practice

Alisa Kauffman’s comprehensive system includes the book as well as access to Alisa Kauffman for consultation and oversight of your new venture. Alisa will help you get started by assisting with accessing materials and supply you with the proprietary forms needed to operate your practice. If you would like access to the book, forms, and 1-on-1 consultation, fill out the form below.