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Program by Alisa Kauffman, a nationally ranked dentist with 35 years of experience owning and operating her own clinical practice. 

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Why Join The Network & Become a Geriatric House Call Dentist?

The oral care needs of geriatric patients are much different than those of younger and even middle-aged patients, and often present more challenges to dentists, however, this population is often overlooked and underserved. With the geriatric population continuing to grow worldwide, this is an incredible opportunity for dentists who want to make a fulfilling, and equitable difference in an underserved niche.
Joining the network offers a unique chance to become your own boss, make your own schedule, and build your own practice through turnkey marketing solutions by partnering with the Geriatric House Call Dentistry Brand.
Note: Due to the structure of the Network Program, we will only be accepting 1 dentist per location to avoid diluting the opportunity in a single service area.

Monthly Mastermind Meetings

Even though you’re operating as your own practice, we still want to promote the sense of community and thought provoking collaboration each month through our Mastermind Meetings. We’ll explore topics relating to your personal experiences, current events, and new resources available through the network.

About Geriatric House Call Dentistry

Geriatric House Call Dentistry serves homebound elderly patients who are in need of dental services but are unable to leave the home. Our dentists are well trained and qualified to perform emergency visits, second opinions, exams, cleanings, small fillings, ARREST (Silver Diamine Fluoride) treatment, extractions, partial and denture repair, fabricating complete and partial dentures.

Alisa Kauffman is the sole proprietor of Geriatric House Call Dentistry but is branching out to train well-qualified dentists who are passionate about helping an underserved population who are unable to receive the dental work they so desperately need and deserve.

A Word From Rachel Klein, Our Long Island Success Story

“As a housecall dentist I can’t think of a more rewarding job. I am able to help people put smiles on their faces by taking them out of pain or helping restore their smile with new teeth! If someone can’t leave their home to get dental treatment, I bring the treatment to them! I can still be there for my family and set my own schedule. I would be nowhere without Dr. Kauffman and her incredible experience and talent!!!  She has really helped me launch and grow my practice, and I look forward to many more years working with her and the Geriatric House Call Dentistry Team!!

Dr. Klein is a broadly and deeply experienced dentist with a calming and friendly bedside manner. She has over 20 years of experience in all phases of dentistry with a strong focus on home care for the geriatric and elderly populations, as well as with patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Joining The Network

The Process

Once a dentist joins the Network, our team will create an entire ecosystem of promotional materials to market the new dentist and service area. The dentist will also receive placement on the homepage, as well as the “Our Dentists” page, and the “Locations” page. The dentist will receive their own dedicated lead form where website users can fill out their information to request a consultation call.
Once a prospective patient contacts the dentist, it will be the entire responsibility, and benefit of the dentist to schedule a consultation, provide exceptional services, and collect payment. It is important to note that our dentists do not share liability, or profit shares with one another, or the brand.

We are fully committed to mobilizing and empowering dentists to own and operate their own geriatric dental practice in their own service area. We believe that in order to fulfill this dream we need to keep the process as simple, and equitable as possible, which is why Geriatric House Call Dentistry does not take any commissions, cut, require minimums or any additional fees outside of the monthly investment to join the network.

100% of your investment to join the network goes towards marketing and growing your practice.
We care about expanding this program, not profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if another dentist in my area wants to join the network?

We are only accepting 1 dentist per service location.  You will be the only dentist operating in your agreed upon location and receive all of the leads within your service area. Future dental inquiries/requests will not be permitted to join unless agreed upon by all parties.

Do I need my own insurance?

Yes, you will need your own insurance. The “Network” is a program that allows you to be affiliated with Geriatric House Call Dentistry brand, but not share any liability (since that would complicate this entire process). We can recommend a policy that’s right for you.

Am I sharing liability with the Geriatric House Call Dentistry practice?

No. Joining the network is as if you are starting your own practice – you will need your own insurance, and we recommend an LLC for liability purposes. We are happy to advise and refer you to an insurance and incorporation agent if needed.

What if I already have a dental practice?

That’s great! You will already have the administrative aspect of your practice in place. You will be able to align your brand with one of the most well known geriatric dental practices in the country, but we do not want to tell you how to operate your practice or share liability in any way.

Currently Seeking Dentists

Currently, we have a high demand for services, and an immediate need for dentists in the following locations: Bergen and Monmouth County NJ, Westchester County and Brooklyn New York, Philadelphia, and cities within Florida and California

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